New Additions #109

Cropped out the rest of my Xmas presents, that’s why the picture is cut off. Either way, very happy about it!

Review: The Burning White by Brent Weeks

The Burning White is the long-awaited fifth and final novel in Brent WeeksThe Lightbringer series.


War has come to the Chromeria’s doorstep. The White King and his army of wights and pagans set fire to peaceful lands, and people. They want to overthrow the entire system, and have gods by their sides to help them do it. The Order of the Broken Eye has set a one-eyed, starved and colourless Gavin on a quest to find their god, and kill it. He has accepted, for what choice does he have? Kip and the Mighty are trying to save as many as they can from the enemy, but find themselves outnumbered, and burning through their luxin quickly. Teia is working hard, spying for Karris, and killing for the Order. She hopes to bring them all down in one fell swoop, but she’s just one girl armed with paryl. All of them wish to stop the invasion and save the innocent people caught in the crossfire, but failure is only one bad decision away. Continue reading


Editing Update #16

Well, it’s been a while since the last update–August–but not that long, luckily. There have been changes in my responsibilities at work I’m adjusting to, there’s been a pup in the house since the end of July that needs raising/training, and I’m planning on purchasing a harp in December and teaching myself how to play. My mind has been fuller than ever before. Continue reading