An agnostic is one who confidently affirms, “I don’t know.”

Today I want to talk about why I chose to become an agnostic at the age of fourteen, while I was raised a Catholic. Now please do realize that these are MY views and MY opinion and that I’m not trying to insult anyone. If you think you might be offended by this post, I urge you not to read this.

First of all, you have certain kinds of agnostics (or so Wikipedia claims) but I’ll just describe two;

1. The STRONG agnostic, who will probably say something like: “I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you.”

2. The WEAK agnostic, who will probably say something like: “I don’t know whether any deities exist or not, but maybe one day when there is evidence we can find something out.”

I am a weak agnostic. But I would probably say something like: “I don’t know if God or Allah or any supreme being exists, but it doesn’t matter to me.” Because it doesn’t, at least not to me. I don’t think religious people are stupid or anything. I think religion is a wonderful thing. It brings strangers together. It is something you can share with others. I wish I could believe in a higher power that watches out for his or her people. But I can’t.

I never felt a connection with God or Jesus or any other deity. I’ve heard people say they have been touched by God or that they speak to him. I have never been able to and I probably never will. I used to pray before eating or going to bed, but it was more of a habit. I did it, because my mom did it, because I’ve always done it. I really didn’t believe I was talking to Him or Her. So when I started to think about all of this, I realized that I didn’t know if there was a God or not. And to be honest: I didn’t care.

So I decided to drop the “act” if you will, and stopped calling myself a Catholic. I wasn’t one so I shouldn’t be calling myself one. But I don’t look down on religious people, in fact I think they have something beautiful I haven’t, yet it’s fine with me.

“I don’t know if God or Allah or any supreme being exists, but it doesn’t matter to me.” I wrote this, thinking it wouldn’t need an explanation, but I realized people can take this the wrong way.

I say it doesn’t matter to me, because I live a pretty decent life. The only deadly sin I exercise so to speak, is sloth. I’m lazy as hell and sometimes indifferent^^ We all have our faults. Yet I guess I should explain this with an example:

So, let’s say I was walking down the street, the sun was brightly shining, just doing my thing. But suddenly, it seems the whole world slows down and the sky opens. A figure (male, female,hermaphrodite?) is revealed to everyone at the same time. So my pen pal in Korea is looking at the same figure right now. It raises its hand and ZAP – no more hunger in the world. ZAP – no more war. ZAP – no more racism. ZAP – no more unnecessary violence. All this, with just the raising of a hand.

I think it’s pretty obvious I would be like: “WOW, there is a Supreme Being! 0.0”

Anyone would be like that.

But after that I would be like: “Oh well, now that’s settled then,” and happily go on with my life.

I wouldn’t change the way I live, even though the deity had appeared in front of my eyes. As I said before, I live a pretty decent life. Well, that’s all for now. Again I remind you, these were MY views and MY opinion. I didn’t set out to hurt anyone.


A penny for your thoughts

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