Another year has passed

2011 is no longer; another year has passed. Last year was quite the turbulent one for me, with some let downs and many positive things happening. Still, I look back upon 2011 and smile. Because it was a year where things happened. And in my life, things don’t usually happen.

I achieved many things in 2011:

  • I successfully ended my internship of 5 long months with great feedback from my employers and with a passing grade from my university of applied science.
  • I became an editor for the Kpop website ‘hellokpop’ (I was only a writer before.) After that, I got the title Senior writer and was allowed a seat in the management committee.
  • I passed all my exams – most of them with high grades – but one: corporate economics.
  • The dean helped me get things ready so I could get myself tested for dyscalculia, though I haven’t been tested yet. 
  • I decided to change my wardrobe to something more suited to the field I’ll be working in later. This is still in progress.
  • I put on a dress and almost didn’t feel awkward in it. (This happened two days ago actually)
  • My dream to study Japanese became more and more concrete, as I’m saving up for it. Hoping to enroll in September 2012.
  • I decided to get off my butt and signed up for hip hop classes.
  • I went to Berlin for a concert of my beloved JYJ and wrote a huge article about it for hellokpop.
  • I wrote my first ever editorial on the 9th of December and it got a lot of response.
  • I finally sat down to write some of my ideas for my own business down, nice and clear.
  • I decided on a subject for my thesis (bettering hellokpop) and both my advisors were very enthusiastic about it. I’m still currently writing it and doing research.
  • I got into the minor Books & More and we will be going to the London Book Fair in April!!!!
  • I got some very positive reviews on opening chapters of one of my works in progress, which really lifted my spirits and made me feel very happy, because they told me I was a great writer.
  • I wrote my second editorial on the last day of 2011, it got published on the first day of 2012.

So honestly, I had some great things happening to me. Unfortunately, one thing put a negative light on all of these things. Corporate economics. I’m in my fourth and last year of my university of applied science, and that subject I got in my first year.. And I didn’t pass the exam. And again I failed. And failed. And failed. I’ve failed the subject 6 times already! I’m incredibly bad with numbers and stuff, so this has really been a bad situation for me. And I wrote a plea to the exam committee, to ask them if I could do something else to get those points. Write an essay, make a presentation. But no. They decided I just had to retake the damn exam.

Now if I get a passing grade for both my minor and thesis but a failing grade for corporate economics, I have a big problem. Because I’d have to stay for another year, for just one subject! Pay up 1720 euros for one stupid subject! And I wouldn’t be able to study Japanese, so I’d have to postpone that for another freaking year. And I don’t want that. I’ve had enough problems with numbers (being able to tell the time, math, economics, business economics) throughout my life since I was 4. I deserve a break.

So my hopes/resolutions for 2012 are simple:

  • Pass corporate economics
  • Get a nice (and preferably high) grade for my thesis and minor
  • Graduate from my university of applied science
  • Study Japanstudies at the university of Leiden in September (3 years)
  • Save enough money for Japanstudies and my trip to Tokyo with my friend
  • Finish one of my novels
  • Live a more healthy life
  • Lose a bit of weight
  • Continue to create a more professional and “grown-up” wardrobe for myself
  • Meet more people

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