Nothing to write home about

For months now I’ve nothing to write home about (which is quite logical, because I’m not away from home anyways). My creativity has been really low and I haven’t put a word on paper when it comes to my works in progress.My inspiration well is empty. The quill of creativity has no more ink. I feel like I’m only writing for school nowadays. Reports, a thesis, stupid summaries about podcasts I don’t care about.

It’s pissing me off quite a bit. This is the most serious case of writer’s block I’ve ever had. And. I. Aint. Happy. Bout. It. I want my mojo back, my flow. It’s been going on long enough, it’s time I get some grandiose ideas again and jot them down like there’s no tomorrow. But I know it won’t come. I’m way too busy with all my school work. I can’t even concentrate on reading any more and I’m plagued by headaches. 

The stress of graduation problems because of one stupid subject (Curse you corporate economics, I hope you burn in a thousand hells!) is finally getting to me. I, who prided myself on never ever letting school stuff stress me out and affect me, am now officially stressed. I’m not sleeping well – even though this is not new – I keep forgetting things – also not new – but these things are happening more often. I need a break. And ironically this week is a “break” from school, because we have no classes. But I’ve been working on nothing but school the last five days. And it just won’t stop.

One of these days, I will explode in a great burst of anger, stress and hatred. They will be calling me “combustion-woman” (see what I did there?). *Sigh* I just need to man up and move on, I guess. And let go off this ‘Go hard or Go Home’ type of mentality. It aint healthy any more. And it sure as hell isn’t fun!


A penny for your thoughts

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