Review: The Avengers

I went to The Avengers last Friday – I’ve been wanting to see it since the first mention of Joss Whedon making a movie with Iron Man and other superheroes in it. I had not seen Thor nor Captain America, and the Hulk has never been that interesting to me. I prefer the Thing, because he’s all brawl and brains. Though I must say this version of the Hulk changed my opinion of him. I guess that’s Mark Ruffalo’s acting.

Anyway, the movie’s plot is simple and much like other superhero movies. There is a villain in town and the superhero (in this case heroes) have to save the world, or city. Not that complicated. I was anticipating a lot of awesomeness because a) Joss Whedon directed it and I’m a big fan of his short-lived series Firefly, b) I simply adore Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Iron Man, c) I had wanted to see Thor but happened to be broke at the time and d) a team of superheroes really can’t go wrong. Look at the X-men movies if you want a nice example. Or take the Lord of the Rings if you don’t like your heroes to be super.

During the movie it was clear that the actors played off each other well. I imagine they had great fun shooting the movie. I know I would have. Tony Stark’s banter with Captain America and Thor was hilarious. I liked that Tony and Banner bonded pretty quickly and seemed to have become buddies at the end of the movie. I though the Hulk was hilarious by the way. He had me bursting out in laughter more times than I’d thought. I found the relationship (what was that anyway? Friendship? Love? Mutual denied attraction?) between Hawk-eye and Black Widow interesting and I hope that if there will be a sequel, this will be explored a little more.

I must admit I didn’t really understand why Thor didn’t just deck his brother, tie him up and zap him back to Ashgard. He was constantly pleading with him. But maybe I didn’t get it because I haven’t seen the movie Thor. I thought Loki was a pretty childish villain, but he was very manipulative and seemed to have things under control – until Hulk smashed his ass. (That was one of the times I was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing, although I was in a chair…and not actually rolling)

The special effects were amazing, but I hadn’t expected anything less. The camaraderie of The Avengers in the last parts of the movie was very touching. Especially after Loki killed agent Coulson. That was a very unexpected death and I believe Coulson was loved by many fans. I disliked the way Fury used his death to assemble The Avengers, but I understand it was necessary.

There were some very epic scenes in the movie, many involving the Hulk. He was a lot more intelligent than I thought he would be. All in all, this movie is definitely worth seeing. Not just if you’re a fan of any of the superheroes, but also if you’re in the mood for a big dose of humor and action. It was probably the most epic movie I’ve seen this year (which includes The Hunger Games), though it might be pushed to number two when The Hobbit Pt. 1 comes out.

I’ll just have to wait and see.


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