I’m very picky when it comes to writing tools and use a lot of programs interchangeably. But there are three writing tools I use quite frequently (WriteItNow, Q10 and Scrivener) and one I have just discovered (Ommwriter). Q10 is by far my favourite of the three I’ve been using for some time now. That is not only because it’s a full screen word editor, so it takes away all the things that distract me like Internet and social media.

But mainly because when you type, it sound like you’re actually working on a typewriter. And, quirky as I am, I’ve always wanted to have a typewriter. Not that it’d be much use: I use backspace so much a typewriter would be useless to me.  The background of Q10 is black, you can change the font color to something more to your liking. I think mine is now purple…or green. I can’t remember.

Whenever I write with Q1o, I put on some soft background music – preferably my movie soundtrack play list, which features Lord of the Rings OSTs as well as many others. Q10 keeps count of your words, characters and even paragraphs. There are multiple features to try out, like setting a word count for the time that you are writing only. I find it very comfortable to work with and the black background has often stirred my inspiration.


A penny for your thoughts

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