Review: Thor

Last weekend I saw the movie Thor – another one of those superhero movies I’d get to one day. Especially after seeing The Avengers, I really wanted to see Thor. (Captain America and the Hulk didn’t capture my attention that much, when it comes to their individual movies) I had no expectations of this movie, because I’d only heard of Thor through mythology – one of my hobbies is learning about mythology, folklore and legends from other cultures.

I was at first very surprised that Asgard seemed to be racially diverse. I mean, one main character was black and another was Asian (and one looked very much like a Dwarf. I was on the edge of my seat as I swallowed my attempted exclamation “Gimli!”). I had presumed all people of Asgard to have Norse features. That took some getting used to – it’s like watching Beowulf with Latinos and Native Americans. But because it was introduced in the beginning of the movie , I accepted it pretty easily.

Thor’s journey from vain and arrogant to caring and self-sacrificing was a bit fast – he only knew Jane for what? 5 minutes? – but it’s understandable, because you can only put so much in a movie. Unless you want a movie of 5 hours. Which I wouldn’t mind: I’ve watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one day many a time. But Thor’s journey was believable. The way he fought to get to his hammer and then be crushed by the fact that he wasn’t worthy was beautifully acted. I now respect Chris Hemsworth a lot more than I did when I saw him in The Avengers. I didn’t know Thor as a character back then, so I took him at face value. But there was more than meets the eye.

The scene with Thor and Loki – where Loki informs him that their father is dead (LIES!) – was also done well. The almost childlike question: “Can I come home?” from Thor created a big lump in my throat. Loki himself was (again) not all that menacing to me; he’s still too much like a manipulating child. But in a way, that makes sense. He is still a child, always comparing himself with his big brother. And then it turns out he’s pretty much adopted. That’s the “icing on the cake”. I’d be mad too.

I liked the movie overall. It wasn’t a great movie (but then again I have pretty high standards) but it was enjoyable and it elicited some emotions from me. And that is what a movie is supposed to do. So Thor definitely succeeded in that aspect. I would’ve liked to see more of Asgard, but who knows? They might decide to make a Thor 2.


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