Review: X-Men – First Class

Recently I watched X-Men – First Class –  a movie I had wanted to see when it came out in theatres, but I had no time in the end –  and was pleasantly surprised by the result. I must admit that I’m not really a comic book fan (unless you count manga as comic books) and though I was familiar with heroes like Iron Man and Wolverine, I had never really read any of Marvel’s comics. I had seen the X-Men movies and thus knew a little about the mutants featuring in those. And I had seen an animated series of the X-Men (I don’t remember which one) when I was younger, but all I can remember is that Wolverine’s voice annoyed me. I prefer Hugh Jackman’s voice when it comes to Wolverine.

I know that when the movie trailer first appeared on TV, I was both interested and worried. Interested because I had developed a liking for the X-Men and the mutants, but worried because well-known mutants were suddenly played by other actors. My worries were proven to be unfounded. All actors did well with the roles they’d been assigned. It was a surprise to see Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, because I’ve only ever seen her in the Hunger Games with darker hair. But she sold me Mystique/Raven’s sorrow and anger very well.

I loved the fact that some actors, like Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn, had short cameos and that certain ‘future’ mutants like Storm were shown as children at the time. The relationship between Xavier and Eric was finally collaborated. This has been a point of interest for me personally, because it was stated in the trilogy that they were friends, but we never saw them as such. Now I feel my curiosity has been satisfied. I now know how they became friends, how Xavier lost the use of his legs and how they became enemies. I do feel more positive towards Magneto (even though I could never hate him because it’s Ian McKellen damn it!) because I now know about his background.

The relationship between Raven and Xavier was something completely new for me and I liked the fact that they were friends. Which made it all the more hurtful when she decided to go with Magneto in the end. Young Beast was pretty cute by the way, she should have chosen him instead. But that’s just me. All in all, X-Men – First Class was a great movie. I don’t know if they followed the storyline of the Marvel comics to the letter, but it made for a very interesting and insightful movie. Especially for someone who doesn’t know all that much about the X-Men.


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