Review: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider (the first one) is already an ‘old’ movie, so to speak. But I watched it yesterday and thought ‘Why not write a review about it?’ It’s a movie. I write movie reviews. Got nothing to lose, right? Tomb Raider is based on the Tomb Raider games which features the British Lara Croft. She’s wealthy, sophisticated (when she has to be) and mostly kick-ass.

I watched the first movie when it came out, mainly because I had one of the Tomb Raider games for the computer. I liked the idea of a strong heroine, who wasn’t strong because she was chosen, or meant to be, or because she was bitten by a spider. Just a daughter of a rich man, who dabbled in ‘raiding’ tombs and archeology. As I’m also a bit into ancient things, she captured my interest.

Angelina Jolie – who I had never seen in a movie before I saw Tomb Raider – did a nice job of portraying Lara Croft. She looked like she knew what she was doing and the fight scenes looked realistic. Well, as realistic as fight scenes can get in movies. Seeing Craig Daniel playing an American (with an accent that sounded a bit strained to me) was hilarious. Hillary, the butler, was great for a bit of comic relief. As was the tech guy, whose name eludes me at the moment.

The plot was simple and clear, if not a bit otherworldly. But that is nothing new when it comes to Lara Croft. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life sometime today, to follow up. I’ve seen that one too, but can only remember Gerard Butler being in it. I liked Tomb Raider 1, so I’m sure Tomb Raider 2 will be to my liking as well.


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