Review: Swordfish

Swordfish. What a strange name for a movie. Well, I guess it fit just right because the movie itself was quite strange. In fact, if it wasn’t for Hugh Jackman’s powerful acting, it wouldn’t have held my attention. Hugh Jackman is convincing as a father  – fresh out of jail – who is desperate for the custody of his ten-year old daughter. Oh, and he happens to be the most successful hacker in America. Yeah. Sure. But alright, when it comes to movies one always has some measure of  ‘suspension of disbelief’ at the ready.

Halle Berry’s performance underwhelmed me in this movie: I was expecting better acting from her. She wasn’t bad. But she wasn’t phenomenal. Color me disappointed. John Travolta was good – his performance chilled me to the bone sometimes. Although I did want his character to shut up most of the time.

And the ‘incentive’ he provided for Jackman in the club (see, I don’t even remember their names, that’s how low an impression this movie had on me) was …questionable. The plot had a big twist at the end – its redeeming quality. It’s really an ‘ AHA!’ moment. And I do like it when movies make me go like that. It makes me feel smart, lol.

Overall it was an underwhelming movie, with the twist at the ending and Hugh Jackman’s powerful performance as its only redeeming qualities.


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