Review: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life

Tomb Raider 2, also known by its official title The Cradle of Life, is the sequel to Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie reprised her role as Lara Croft, who seemed a bit more playful this time around. More smiles and laughter in this movie. Gerard Butler took on the role of Terry, old partner and old flame of lady Croft. The chemistry between the two was very good – though I doubt those two actors wouldn’t have chemistry with anyone. (Much like Jensen Ackles, who’d have amazing chemistry with a potted plant. But I digress…)

This time it’s all about finding The Cradle of Life, where Pandora’s box is hidden. And anyone who has ever read anything about Greece and Greek myths will know something about Pandora. Basically, she opened the box and unleashed suffering and pain. And that is, of course, a bad thing. Well, enter Lara Croft to save the day! Partnering with Terry, she goes to hunt the evil scientist who wants to turn Pandora’s box into weapons. In the end Lara prevails, unfortunately after having to shoot Terry, because he wants to take the box with them.

Butler Hillary and tech savvy Bryce – yes, I remember his name now – had some deliciously humourous moments, Lara was kick-ass as you’d expect and the budding relationship between her and Terry was believable. Especially after the passionate make out scene on the ship. It is transparent that she and Terry used to have a thing and that there are still some feelings for each other. Which makes Lara shooting Terry even more sad. The sequel is a great follow-up on the first movie. For me, Angelina Jolie will always be synonymous to Lara Croft.


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