House M.D. Series Finale

House M.D. is arguably one of my favorite shows ever. In any case, it’s the show I’ve been with the longest. I happened to tune into the first episode of season two one day while surfing channels and was hooked. I decided to watch the show online and started from the beginning. For some strange reason, I’ve always liked non-social characters more than social ones, especially when they choose to be non-social. Take Bones, for instance, who doesn’t choose to be non-social but just happens to be that way. I like her, but I like House more.

It might also have to do with Hugh Laurie’s performance: he’s a very strong and versatile actor. But then again, I already knew that before I started watching House regularly. His portrayal of Gregory House is probably what made the ‘unlikable’ character so likable. I doubt any other actor could’ve pulled that off. So when I heard the news that House would be ending this May, I was shocked. Because 1) no more House-isms and antics 2) no more Hugh Laurie on my computer screen.

I was dreading the series finale, because the whole big twist with Wilson having cancer (kind of ironic, isn’t it?) and House having to go back to jail. But I shouldn’t have worried. The creators of House and the actors themselves did an amazing job in their final episode. So much that at one point I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it was the most beautiful and most fitting ending for House M.D.

I will miss seeing Gregory House on my computer screen, but I’m grateful for all the those years he was.


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