Review: The Fountain

I’ll admit I was only interested in The Fountain at first, because of Hugh Jackman. But as soon as I started watching this movie, I was hooked. There aren’t many movies out there that make one contemplate life, death and mortality, even days after you’ve seen it. But The Fountain is definitely one of those movies.

It’s hard to explain what this movie is about. An epic love story spanning over a thousand years or more? The concept of life? The struggle of a man to face and understand mortality? It’s all of that and more.

Both Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman stunned me. Their acting was so real and so intense. If you only know Jackman as Wolverine, his portrayal of a man filled with grief, desperate to save his sick wife will surprise you. I found myself crying during this movie, which doesn’t happen all too often. Weisz portrayal of Izzie, his sick wife (I think she has cancer, though that was never clearly stated) who is no longer afraid to die, who has accepted her own mortality, is beautiful.

The other two stories – this movie has three storylines – fit in well, causing me to always think of the story, of the message of the movie. It’s certainly a movie you have to see more than once to understand all the symbolism and the underlying messages. And the funny thing is, for all it’s complexity, grand themes and symbolism, the movie is actually quite short.

I recommend this to anyone who likes to watch movies you end up thinking about and mulling over for days afterwards.


8 thoughts on “Review: The Fountain

    • Well, I only knew about Jackman and Weisz at the time. I usually don’t care about directors unless it’s Peter Jackson or Joss Whedon. No need to snub me just because I wasn’t familiar with the director. This review is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it, but you can show some respect and restraint when commenting.


  1. Restraint? You get offended really easily! For me an actor is NEVER the sole reason to watch a movie. A good director hardly makes a bad movie, a good actor needs a good director to be in a good movie.
    Righteous Kill, did you watch it? Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. Crap, crap, crap, crap…
    Just be open to some criticism for crying out loud!


    • I am not easily offended, as I’m not offended. I tried to tell you that some people don’t care about directors as much as you might do. And for me actors are the reasons I watch movies, because I like to see how they’ve developped/evolved.

      But you need to understand that the way you wrote that comment had a mean tone. Maybe that’s because it’s the internet and miscommunications happen sooner. But it is something you should try and maybe fix. Or not. I can’t tell you what to do, only give you a suggestion. However the fact that I took it that way might say enough, because I don’t get offended easily and still found your comment to be a bit harsh.


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