Almost at the end of my minor

I’m almost at the end of my minor Books and More and even though it was definitely interesting to produce a book myself, I’m glad this minor is ending. And I’ll tell you why. This has been the most stressful time in my life ever. Though the minor had good sides as well. We went to Oxford for three days in the beginning (January). And we went to the London Book Fair, which I will probably consider a highlight of my book-loving life. And I’ve met very interesting and fun people.

We’re producing the International Student Guide Amsterdam 2012-2013 on our own. And our names will be in it, we’ll be published. And not just once, because we also conducted and wrote an interview each for the book of the second group. So we’ll be published twice. So far so good, don’t you think?

Well, think again. The incompetence of the lecturers (who are all “professionals” in the publishing field) has caused me to lose respect for most of them. I wrote one post on the worst of them already who, as it turns out, was dubbed a failure by other actual professionals.  The lecturers are constantly causing trouble because they can’t seem to agree on vital things. They are always contradicting each other and – when you’re a student not knowing what you’re supposed to do and who to listen to – it’s very confusing and stressful.

We started out very enthusiastic about our project and had so many great ideas for the book, but now we just want to be done. And that’s a shame, because we’ve worked so hard for such a long time. And we can’t even look forward to seeing the fruits of our labor. That’s why I’m glad the minor is almost at an end. So I can get a breather and can find that enthusiasm for our book again. Because I know I’ll be beaming when I finally get to hold it. I just can’t conjure up that feeling right now.


A penny for your thoughts

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