Review: Serenity

I’ve already seen the movie Serenity a couple of years ago, but that was before I became a fan of Firefly. Now that I’ve seen it again, more things have become clear to me and I can appreciate certain snippets of dialogue more. Certain deaths also left me trying to hold back my tears.

Firefly will always be one of those series in my mind that was canceled too soon. I mean, cowboys in space? How awesome can it get? And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like sci-fi. It will forever be one of my favorite series, with its amazingly witty one-liners and heart wrenching drama. So I’m glad all those loyal brown coats got a movie to tie up loose ends. Of course, not all loose ends are tied. I still want to know more about Sheppard Book, and his past.

I hated to see Wash go, because he was probably my favorite male character of the entire series. It was unexpected too. River was awesome as ever in her fighting mode. Summer Glau really captured the essence of a young woman whose brain’s been messed with and who knows she’s dangerous to everyone around her. Nathan Fillion was and will always be the perfect captain for Serenity.

And the ending was very nicely done. Especially the fact that after the heartwarming moment between Mal and River, they end it on a more humorous and unexpected note.


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