START – International Student Guide Amsterdam 2012/2013

I’ve recently finished my minor Books & More with an official book presentation for the sponsors, friends and family. The minor was basically all about the publishing field, Dutch and international. We’ve undertaken two trips to England: an introductory trip to Oxford and a visit to the London Book Fair. We’ve also had students from Oxford Brookes University come to Amsterdam.

Besides that, we’ve had classes about book production (design, kinds of paper etc.), English for books, and Dutch publishing. And all the while, the class was split into two groups, both working on producing their own book. My group was focused on the International Student Guide Amsterdam; a guide that is directed at international students coming to study in Amsterdam. It’s published every year for more than 10 years, and every year another group of students gets to realize a new concept and theme.

We chose the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ and board games as our design theme. I was a part of our three women editorial team. Though we didn’t write the guide  – the main body copy was already written –  we did get to edit it a little and we wrote some other things for our new concept. We added an editorial explaining why we chose to help the international students settle in a playful manner, a set of trivial pursuit styled cards about the Netherlands and a checklist on how to be Dutch (I wrote that myself).

We  – the whole group – decided we wanted the cards made of cardboard and the checklist on discolored paper, and so we did. We decided on the title START, because it fit with our concept and with the thought of starting a new life somewhere for international students. Holding the fruits of our labor was an out-of-this-world kind of feeling. It was finally over. The stressful minor (not just because of all the hard work, but also because of the incompetence and interference of some of the teachers) was finally over and we’d created an awesome guide!

Here are some pictures of START – International Student Guide Amsterdam 2012/2013 (I apologize for the bad quality of the photos, the haziness is because of my shaking hands, it’s clear in the guide):


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