Review: Gothika

I’m not a big fan of horror movies – and I really wouldn’t want to categorize Gothika as such, because I didn’t pee my pants during any part of the movie – so when I saw the movie being classified as such, I didn’t want to see it. But Gothika isn’t really a horror movie. It’s more like a thriller ghost story.

It has a cast made up of big names like Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Bernard Hill, Penelope Cruz, Charles S. Dutton and John Carroll Lynch. The movie didn’t disappoint – although I must say I was going in blind. I had only read a small synopsis and forgot to watch the trailer, so I had no expectations.

Gothika is about Dr. Miranda Grey (Berry), a psychiatrist who works at an asylum/prison. After wrecking her car, trying to avoid crashing into a (seemingly) beat up girl drenched in rain and blood, Miranda wakes up at her workplace. As a patient. She has been there for three days and is told by her former colleague, friend and now her attending doctor Pete (Downey Jr.) that she has killed her beloved husband.

During the movie you see her trying to prove to people that she’s not crazy, that she didn’t kill her husband and that there are supernatural things going on in the asylum/prison. But no one but Chloe – a deranged woman Miranda used to treat – believes her. Because Chloe knows that Miranda isn’t crazy. And neither is Chloe.

I’m not going to spoil the ending for you,  because that was a twist I seriously didn’t see coming, but let me tell you: mind will be blown. This movie kept me on my toes the entire time, never wanting to miss a thing. Hoping that Miranda could prove her innocence and even wondering at times if she didn’t just kill her husband and the director wanted me to think she was being framed. (A big NO to that, by the way…but that’s all I’m saying.)

The cast was amazing and Halle especially as she convinced me of her plight. Locked in a mental facility and prison, without any memories of what you’ve supposedly done to deserve being thrown in there. Wondering whether or not you are losing your mind. The guilt of killing your husband, while not even knowing why. Being visited by a (seemingly) random dead girl who is invisible to everyone else.

The only thing I would’ve wished to see, would be an answer to the question they raise at the end of the movie. Is she now some sort of spiritual medium? I mean, she saw the ghostly appearance of a missing kid getting ghost-hit by a bus. A kid who had nothing to do with the entire I-killed-my-husband-but-have-no-recollection-of-it situation. I would’ve liked some sort of answer. Oh, and I want to know if her relationship with Pete was changed. Overall, it was a good movie and will give you goosebumps – especially near the end.


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