Review: A History of Violence

First of all; I never seem to recognize Viggo Mortensen without his long-haired, unshaven, I’ve-been-lying-in-bushes-for-a-week Aragorn look. So when he appeared on-screen, clean-shaven and everything, I was like: “Who is this man?” Of course, then he spoke and I recognized his somewhat mumbling way of speaking.

This movie wasn’t bad. But I wouldn’t call it good either. It was….adequate. It’s about a family – The Stalls – whose lives are forever changed when two “bad men” (seriously, that’s how they’re described in the movie) try to rob the diner where man of the house and father of two, Tom Stall, works. He ends up killing both of them and is considered the hero of the town. But it’s only then that the actual trouble starts.

In itself, the synopsis sounds interesting. But for the most part; the movie really isn’t. The beginning is way too slow, nothing happens for at least 5 minutes. I found myself already thinking of watching another movie. It’s in many ways predictable: I predicted certain actions and certain pieces of dialogue even though I wasn’t paying that much attention. The first sex scene – though a lot more racy that I expected actually made sense, but the second came out of nowhere. I really didn’t understand how having sex on the stairs was a logical continuation of grabbing your wife by the throat. But maybe that’s just me.

All in all, this movie wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t have paid any money for it. And I didn’t, so I guess that’s money well-kept.


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