Review: Brave

From the moment the movie started, with that beautiful Celtic music, I was like “GOD YES!” I just knew I would enjoy this movie – I’d known that from the moment I saw the trailer. Finally there was a Disney/Pixar movie made recently which was really worth my time and money! Not that recent Disney movies have been particularly bad, but I have noticed the trend of animated movies being ‘just for laughs’. If you look at the older movies, like The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, The Lion King, Ferngully, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast or Hercules, the audience was treated like adults, even though they were children. They were treated like they had a brain and were intelligent enough to understand the morals and life lessons the movies had to teach. They weren’t made just to make kids laugh – in fact, the older movies were quite gruesome at times. They dealt with very adult themes, themes that don’t always appear in more recent movies.

But Brave is different. Brave isn’t like all the other movies. For one, it has no romance in it. YAY! I always tolerate those sobby romance stories, because they are standard in Disney movies. But this is not about romance, though it is about love. The love of a mother and child. I also liked the fact that it was all set in Scotland, and all the voice actors are great! I especially liked the fact that they used some Scottish words, which they didn’t translate, to make it sound even more authentic. I mean Kelly Macdonald and Billy Connelly – whom I adore!  – made it real for me.

The story itself is very touching and the ending (well, a couple of minutes before the ending) I felt myself tearing up. I could just feel Merida’s (Kelly Macdonald) anguish and guilt. Which is logical, because how would you feel if you accidentally turned your mother and your triplet brothers into bears? Especially because your father hates bears and likes to hunt them? I would feel very bad too. I especially liked how well the bad relationship between Merida and her mother was portrayed. They felt like a real mother and teenage daughter. And because I happen to love Celtic culture, this movie wasn’t going to disappoint anyway.

It’s a great story which will have you in tears – tears of laughter and tears of sadness, many times. And the apparent speech impairment Young MacGuffin has is just hilarious. It had the crowd in the theatre working their abs every time he came on.  I recommend this movie to…well…to everyone!


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