Review: The Expendables 2

If you’ve read more of my reviews, you’ll probably know I am partial to action movies. So when I heard The Expendables 2 was coming out, I was very excited. I liked the first one, even though it had little to no plot. This one had a plot…sort of. The guys have just successfully completed a mission in Taiwan or Thailand when Church gives them another assignment. And they can’t refuse, because last time they aborted the mission and went for full on revenge instead. So they owe him 5 million.  The Expendables (with the addition of Maggie – a Chinese woman working for Church) go off to find a mysterious safe. But when one of them dies in the progress, they again decide to go for revenge.

It’s definitely better than the first movie. The fight scenes are better choreographed and more awe-inspiring. The shoot-outs were more exhilarating and the knife work was just amazing. You got a bit more insight into the characters and there were a few new ones: like Billy The Kid (Liam Hemsworth),  Maggie (Nan Yu) and Booker – played by the legendary Chuck Norris. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis were also starring in the movie. And Jean-Claude Van Damme played the villain, fittingly called Vilain. I wonder if they did that on purpose or if that’s an actual name.

There were some great moments in there; especially that one scene where Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger were shooting people at the airport. Three action stars – all ‘legends’ in their own right – mass murdering bad guys together. Funny though that I’ve never actually seen an action movie with any of them in it – except for The Expendables 1 and 2.

Anyways, good movie. Lots of explosions, flying knives and gunfire. Many hilarious moments and a lot of homages and meme worthy dialogue.


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