I love editing!

You know, I never really thought about editing as something I love to do. I mean, I like doing it sure; I edit almost every day for hellokpop. But I never thought I’d love it as much as I do. Until a friend of mine gave me his Fantasy story to read that is. It was just the beginning of his story, but I was immediately in editor mode – red pen ready and everything. Of course, he had it on an iPad, so my wish to wield my mighty red pen went out the window, but I did get to seriously edit and insert comments about what I thought.

I immensely liked working on his story, mainly because a) it’s an actual story, not an article and b) it was Fantasy. I’m a firm believer in write what you know (when it comes to genres, not so much real life experiences) and I’ve discovered that I’m also a fan of edit what you know. I love Fantasy, so I love editing Fantasy. And I hope to find myself an English editing job where I can do just that. (Next to my career as published Fantasy author, of course ;p)


One thought on “I love editing!

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