Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

I can’t believe bullying is such a big issue in America and that high school is considered hell. It’s really strange to see that, as I have never encountered it so bad here in the Netherlands. People tried to bully me at one time, but I happened to be one of those people who couldn’t care less about what other people think and say, so it stopped.

Of course, it helped that I have the ability to rip people a new one vocally, when I get really pissed. But unfortunately, not everyone is strong enough, or happy about who they are and how they look. I wish every kid could be content and happy and able to overcome things like bullying.

If I could say anything to all the bullied kids out there, I would say: “Just remember: suicide is never the answer.”


2 thoughts on “Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

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