Resits: it’s all good

So I passed both my resits and it really feels like a weight just fell off my shoulder. I was especially dreading the grade for sociology, because if I failed that, I had to quit. But in the end that was my highest mark of the two and that was a pleasant surprise. I’m still processing the fact that I am still allowed to study Japanese.

I’ve enrolled in the classes for the second semester now, along with a mandatory optional subject (I know right? What?) focussing on literature. Not that literature is necessarily my thing, but reading books is. So I’m hoping I will do well. I was torn between literature and anthropology, but I decided to go for literature in the end, because I can always take a more specific part of anthropology (subcultures and such) next year. I want to focus on getting through the first year and I think that choosing literature makes it a bit easier.

Here’s to hoping!


A penny for your thoughts

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