The beginning of the second semester is nigh!

So, after pretty much having the entire month of January off (well, from university, not from work or resits or…practising vocabulary and kanji) the second semester officially begins tomorrow. I’m quite nervous because I’ve noticed that my kana reading skills have been declining because I haven’t really been practising them. I’m very slow. And my katakana memory is horrible! I can read them just fine, but writing them from the top of  my head is almost torture. This is bad. This is really bad. LOL.

But I’m not going to stress. I’m going to take everything as it comes and not worry. As long as I practise diligently and do my homework, I should be fine. I hope. I’m just going with the flow, wherever that flow will take me. Hopefully to some place nice. I deserve some nice things in my life after spending years wondering and worrying. So I’ll keep calm and relax.

Shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right?


A penny for your thoughts

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