Review: Iron man 3

Ever since Iron man 1, I’ve been in love with Tony Stark and his stories. Though Iron man 2 was – for me at least –  a bit of a disappointment, after seeing The Avengers I just knew Iron man 3 would be awesome. And it didn’t disappoint. (Mind that I haven’t read the comics and therefore can’t comment on a certain plot twist some Marvel fans seem to hate).

Robert Downey Jr. again starred as the loveable jerk from the previous movies, though this time he gets some great bonding time with a smart kid, and he gets to be brainy and geeky without the suit. There is a certain moment in the movie where he has lost the suit (well, it’s more like he dumped it for a while because it’s not working right) and he just goes to kick ass with some home-made weapons. This shows very clearly that even without the suit, Tony Stark is someone you don’t want to mess with.

The bad guy(s) this time were quite unexpected and the manner of their downfalls as well. We even get a bit of cool Pepper Pots, but I can’t go into it because that would be a big spoiler. Rhodey also had a part to play in all the chaos and mayhem the Mandarin is causing and he gets to be the Iron Patriot for a little while. But he is – hilariously – left out of the big climax up until the end, when he gets to save… a very important figure.

I found it especially telling that Joss Whedon, King of Geeks, after seeing Iron man 3 jokingly asked what he was supposed to do with The Avenger 2 now. That’s how spectacular it was. And of course, like all recent Marvel movies, it had a nice little Easter egg scene after the credits.

Now I have to wait for Thor 2 😀


One thought on “Review: Iron man 3

  1. And then they have shown us his capabilities without the armor. Tony is not defenseless without it, he is an engineer, he is cunning, and he has been trained by Cap to defend himself which not only makes him formidable without the suit, but even more with it.


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