Review: Fringe

When someone suggested Fringe to me, they did it by selling it as the next X-Files. Which didn’t do much for me on account that I’ve never actually seen an episode of the X-Files. I know there are a Scully and a Mulder, and one of them is a red-haired woman and one is a cop – they might be the same person for all I know -, and they solve cases that deal with the unknown. Pretty much like one of my favourite shows of all times: Supernatural. Only, in Supernatural there are two brothers and Supernatural deals with Fantasy and Horror, not Sci Fi.

So, that description of Fringe did nothing for me. However a friend of the family handed me the first four seasons on DVD, and since all my other shows were going or already were on hiatus, I didn’t really have anything else to watch besides One Piece. I said “What the heck” and put in the first DVD. Besides, John Noble was in it and I just had to see what the man who I loved to hate in the Lord of the Rings had in store for me.

I must say I liked the show very much. I really did and still do. Even though for me it was a bit predictable at times: I predicted all the major plot twists and big revelations except two, it still kept my attention. So I basically marathoned through the entire two seasons, then took a little break of a week for my finals and started up again. I finished it recently and thought it was a great ride.

Fringe is about a FBI agent called Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), who has to team up with ex-conman Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and his slightly crazy father Walter Bishop (John Noble, who is pretty much a mad scientist, to solve cases which dabble in what they call Fringe Science. She gets help from Astrid (Jasika Nicole), another FBI agent, their superior Colonel Broyles (Lance Reddick) and some times ally Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) who works for Massive Dynamic –  a company created by William Bell, an old friend of Walter and budding scientist. But they aren’t the only one interested in these cases: there are also the Observers.

It had very likeable characters, especially Walter, and I found myself caring a lot about what would happen to them in the end. I think it’s quite funny, but whenever I saw Walter, in my mind I would go like “ahhhhh”, but whenever Walternate came into play I wanted to kill him with fire. I guess Walternate gave off too much of a Denethor vibe for me to be comfortable with him. I also disliked Fauxlivia a lot, but that passed in the end.

But the entire idea of Observers and the storyline involving them was perhaps the most interesting aspect of Fringe. Especially the whole September – Donald thing and the child observer who we’d previously met in a much earlier episode when it was thought he was just an empath.

Anyways, it’s a great show and I’d suggest it to anyone who can keep their mind to the case-of-the-week (or as Supernatural fans would call it and it fits with Fringe too: monster-of-the-week) way of writing with an overarching arch and loves Sci Fi. It was a great ride. I’m grateful for FOX for making this series. And I never thought I would say this after they cancelled both Dark Angel and Firefly.


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