Review: Garrett Takes the Case by Glen Cook


Garrett Takes the Case consists of the fourth, fifth and sixth books in the Garrett P.I. series by Glen Cook, namely:

  • Old Tin Sorrows
  • Dread Brass Shadows
  • Red Iron Nights


Once again, Garrett is on the case. Whether it’s curses, Books of Shadows or a mysterious illness, he figures it out. Eventually.


It’s funny because it’s hard to describe the plots of the three books without giving anything away, but let me tell you: they are mysteries. I didn’t have a clue about the resolution of any of them up until the end, when Garrett himself figures everything out. His “housekeeper” Dean and the Dead Man are more fleshed out in these books and many characters have been reoccurring, like Morley and Saucerhead.  Some usually are just mentioned in passing, like Tinnie and Rose Tate.

I was very happy to learn more about Playmate (who is a dude by the way – not easy to tell if you’ve just got the name) and I got introduced to Winger, who was a very interesting character and I’d love to see her return in any of the next books. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see Maya again, but who knows? Maybe she’ll be in one of the other books. I hope so. I loved her relationship with Garrett.




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