Review: Garrett for Hire by Glen Cook

Garrett for hire

Garrett for Hire by Glen Cook consists of the following three books:

  • Deadly Quicksilver Lies
  • Petty Pewter Gods
  • Faded Steel Heat


Garrett is getting himself into trouble once again, working for his clients – or actively trying to avoid wannabe-clients. This time is not only a women who wants her daughter found (or order a hit, it’s hard to tell), gods of many pantheon who want his attention for themselves as they fight to keep their heads above water and the Call – rightists Garrett wants nothing to do with on account of some of his friends being non-human – who keep involving him in things he doesn’t want to be involved in. Oh and beer….lots of beer.


Again, it’s hard to really describe any of the three books and their plot, but I must say sometimes the events were so big and there were so many of them, you couldn’t but feel in over your head. Just like Garrett really. And I guess that’s how  Cook wants it.

Garrett is his dashing self like always, and there are pretty women to spare, but he is well aware that not all the lovelies have good intentions. His friends and enemies both know his weakness: beautiful women. Preferably a redhead. And lo! and behold, suddenly there are many redheaded women knocking on his door. I thought that was really hilarious. He knows it’s probably a trap, and yet he still follows them or invites them in.

There’s an addition to the cast, called Mr. Big; a parrot Garrett got from his friend Morley. Garrett calls him the T.G.P. or The God-damn Parrot, because that creature is foul-mouthed as hell. He spends a lot of time in the books trying everything to get rid of it – bar killing it because it was a ‘present’ – and even tries to give it away to strangers multiple times. It doesn’t work however, and whenever the T.G.P. opens his mouth, hilarity ensues.




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