Review: Angry Lead Skies by Glen Cook


Angry Lead Skies by Glen Cook is the tenth Garrett P.I. novel in the series.


When his friend Playmate asks for a favour – because actually hiring Garrett costs money – initially Garrett thinks nothing of it. He is to bodyguard this inventor boy Kip (full name Cyprus Prose) who has been nearly snatched by….silver elves? But Garrett soon realizes there are a lot of things going on, and none of it is normal TunFaire stuff. In fact, you might say it was alien.


Truthfully, I didn’t think he’d go there. Aliens. Or silver elves or Visitors, whatever you want to call them. Things are certainly moving a little closer to Sci Fi. Which I don’t mind…a lot…because it was presented well. For most of the time there was no actual reference to aliens or their spaceships, so the idea slowly crept into my mind. And when it did finally come out, it wasn’t so much a surprise as it could have been for a hardcore Fantasy lover like me.

I was surprised that some characters were mostly put on the back-seat, like Morley…because I love him so much. He is – next to Garrett – my favourite male character. And I was expecting Maya back, but that didn’t happen. Singe having such a prominent role was surprising, as was her growing interest in the human male and Garrett in particular.

Kip was…I don’t know. He was just the most horrible client ever. Of course, it could have to do that he didn’t want and thought he didn’t need any protection. But he was just so…obnoxious. I could totally understand why Garrett wanted to punch his lights out every few minutes.




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