Finals & final papers

Officially I’d say my finals and final papers weeks started around the 12th of November because that was the day I handed in my first paper for International Relations of Japan (which I passed). So the 12th it is then. On the 10th of December I had a take-home final for Korean Material Culture and my partner and I will be handing in our two-women paper for the same class today.

On the 11th I had an oral quiz for Japanese conversation skills and on the 13th (yes, that would be Friday the 13th) I had my kanji final; I passed both of them. On the 15th of December another paper was due: for my seminar anthropology this time.

Yesterday, I had two finals: one for International Relations of Japan and one for Science philosophy (I passed the latter one, haven’t yet heard anything about the former). Today I have my Japanese translation final and tomorrow I have a small grammar final. So, that’s quite a lot, I’d say.

Anyways, I’ve been both anxious and happy – anxious because of finals and happy because of the results I’ve gotten so far. But I must say I’ll be glad when it’s all over and I can finally relax again.



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