Review: V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a movie I’ve been wanting to watch ever since I saw the trailer in 2005. I never got around to it, until today.

The movie revolves around V, a revolutionary who is smart, savvy and charismatic (Hugo Weaving), and Evey, a young woman whose parents were activists back in the day (Natalie Portman). Seemingly a coincidence, these two meet on the night when V announces himself by blowing up a statue. Things accelerate quickly and the futuristic British tyranny is unveiled to be corrupt and uncaring towards it citizens. V calls upon the citizens of Britain to stand up to the oppressive regime, by coming together on November 5th, which is an important date throughout the movie.

I was stunned and surprised by all of the revelations in this movie and how this masked and shadowy figure known only by a single letter of the alphabet could make me root for him and his cause. And his cause is so very just. The things he has been through – the things all the people who were different (like being gay, being Muslim etc.) had been through, were so painful. I could feel my anger stirring at the corrupt tyranny, at how they treated its citizens.

This movie is a heavy one, and certainly not something you should watch if you’re feeling in the mood for something light and entertaining. But it’s amazing and something you should have at least seen once in your life. V for Vendetta. One of the most appropriate titles for a movie ever.


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