Review: Cruel Zinc Melodies by Glen Cook

Cruel Zinc Melodies

Gods, I can’t tell you how much I love this series! I probably have mentioned it a few times already in other reviews but the Garrett, P.I. series by Glen Cook is amazing! I don’t usually use the word ‘feels’, though I must admit it fits. The feels are heavy when it comes to this series, even when it’s just one moment. Cruel Zinc Melodies has such a moment, which involves a character from one of the earlier books – and a bit of a name-drop of another character (MAYA!!!) from one of the earlier books – and it’s just so fitting. This is the twelfth book of the series.


Garrett’s been out of actual detective work for a while since TunFaire has been covered in snow, but fate knocks on his door once again. It appears in the lovely form of Tinnie – his on-again-off-again girlfriend – and a bunch of her very attractive friends. They come to him to help them with a case about a theatre that is being built, however, the construction company is behind schedule because of giant bugs and ghosts. It seems like just another easy job for Garrett, but we should know better by now. It never is.


If you didn’t know it by now, I’ll tell you again. I love this series! Garrett never ceases to entertain me and the fact that a lot of his friends and recurring characters – new and old –  come out of the woodwork in this book is just an added bonus. We’ve got Morley, Saucerhead, Singe, Eleanor, John Stretch, Winger, John Salvation, Belinda, Max Weider and his daughter, Playmate, Colonel Block, Cypres Prose, a mention of Cassie Doap and even Deal Relway. And that’s not even half of the characters involved!

The case itself seems like an open-and-shut case but knowing this series, it never stays that way. Enormous bugs, ghosts that only humans can see and who shape themselves after whomever they find in your mind, a child gang and a group of teenage innovators, a theatre, a Windwalker, incest among the people on the Hill, Prince Rupert admiring Garrett’s loaned coat and even a suspicion of dragons. Yeah, you read that right: dragons!

It was a very fun read and I hurt my brain trying to figure out what the dealio was with everything. Let’s just say that nothing is the way it seems.




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