Review: Gilded Latten Bones by Glen Cook

Gilded Latten Bones

Gilded Latten Bones is the thirteenth book in the Garrett P.I. series by Glen Cook.


Garrett is a private investigator no longer: he lives with his girlfriend Tinnie – with whom he’d had an on-again-off-again relationship in the past – and she has completely succeeded putting up a wall between him and his old friends and acquaintances. The sad thing is that Garrett hasn’t even noticed. Not until somebody breaks into their house and tries to kidnap Tinnie. Not until Belinda Contague shows up on his doorstep the very same night to tell him that his best friend Morley, professional playboy and restaurateur – has been the victim of a vicious stabbing. And he might not make it. Garrett plunges into this new adventure to save his friend and to get back at whoever tried to kill him, always wondering whether or not the two incidents could be related.


I was unpleasantly surprised at the beginning of the book as I found out Garrett was no longer a P.I., because how will he get into trouble otherwise? But the trouble found its way to him after all and we get a glimpse into what has happened all those months he’s been shacking up with Tinnie. He’s off his game and it shows. But Garrett pulls himself together quickly and gets re-acquainted with his contacts. I was also surprised he pretty much left his own house (with Singe, Dean and the Dead Man in it) to live with Tinnie, because it would have been so much safer had they stayed there.

But Tinnie doesn’t seem to want to share Garrett at all. She’d always been jealous, but in this book it gets stronger and stronger. Reason doesn’t seem to be able to worm its way into her head. And the way she pretty much walled off Garrett didn’t seem quite like her. But the crazy things people do when they’re in love, right? Right?

I liked this book a lot – although I did spoil myself a bit because I read the back of the next book and so saw a huge twist coming – and I especially liked how Garrett himself matured and started to re-evaluate not just his relationship with Tinnie, but also his relationships with everyone else. And this was one of the first cases he got through the hairier parts of the adventure without the Dead Man’s help. And there were quite a lot of hairy situations.




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