Review: Hercules

If you like fun summer blockbusters (like I do), this movie is the one for you!

Hercules is based on the graphic novel “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” and so deviates a bit from the Hercules story we all know and love, but I didn’t mind. What I do mind is people getting angry about The Rock being cast because he is – and I quote – “not white”. They’ve even called him black and were acting up a fuss, which is ridiculous, because The Rock isn’t even black, and what would it have mattered if he was? It’s a story about ancient Greece and Hercules, he could’ve been any number of colours. But let’s not go into that.

It’s a different look at Hercules and his deeds. His works are basically skipped over and mentioned only in passing, which is all right because they don’t necessarily pertain to the story this movie tells. It’s about Hercules and his brothers in arms, about facing ones past and fighting for what is right.

The Rock is an awesome action star and he did great with the fighting scenes – but also with the emotional acting. And people have been known to criticise him for that, but I think he did great. There was humour, drama, a lot of awesome fighting, a few glimpses at his works and the life he had before he became a mercenary, and a great bond between friends.

It’s a fun summer movie, and if you have the time, stay for the pre-credits because those have great graphics!


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