Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I’ve been awaiting this movie since word came out that a movie was being made – and I didn’t even know what Guardians of the Galaxy was. I just tend to get very excited about upcoming Marvel projects, because I know they won’t disappoint. And Guardians of the Galaxy certainly didn’t disappoint: in fact, it exceeded my wildest expectations.

The movie brings us wacky and broken protagonists, some who begin as antagonists – or at least people in the way of Peter Quill, or as he likes to be known, Star-Lord. Gamora ‘daughter’ of Thanos, strongest man (or Alien) in the Universe, Rocket Raccoon and Groot (I.AM.GROOT!), two alien beings and Drax the Destroyer, a slightly unhinged man who has lost his wife and daughter to the evil Ronan.

Ronan is a Kree and is angry about the Kree signing some peace documents with the realm of Xandar. At his side is Nebula, the actual (?) sister of Gamora and ‘daughter’ of Thanos. We actually get a bigger and better look at Thanos this time, as he had a small cameo during the end credits scene in The Avengers, and he really seems larger than life.

This movie is so much fun! I had a lot of laughs throughout it and was smiling almost the entire time. I say almost, because I was also bawling my eyes out at a certain point in the movie. People who have seen the movie will know what I’m talking about.

And can I just say that both the talking raccoon and the walking tree – Rocket and Groot – will steal your heart? They are the soul of this movie – especially Groot. There’s just something that tugs on your heartstrings when you look at the leafy fellow.

In fact, I love Groot so much I want James Gunn and Peter Jackson to make a budding tree movie starring Groot and Treebeard! Honestly, how awesome would that be on a scale from one to ten? Like 100000 right? Right?

Marvel has created a masterpiece. That’s all I can say right now. I’m still reeling from the ending.


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