Writing Update #1

I’m adding the titles of my projects in brackets, so it’s easier to talk about them. For novella’s/novels I’m keeping it to abbreviations, for short stories I’m adding the entire title.

So, I’ve been editing my novel [TEE] for the last few weeks – it’s going slow, but it’s going – and I’m well over the 100k mark. Once I’m finished with that, I’ll be looking for agents to submit to. But first things first: it needs to be polished until it shines.

I’m also still submitting my short stories. Well, one of them: the second one [The Laughing Coffin]. It’s been rejected three times now and I’ve sent it out again. I’m not giving up hope. But if it gets rejected a few more times, I’ll definitely take another look at it and try to rewrite or whatever. The first one [Hell in a Handcart] – which I sent to Tor’s short fiction program – hasn’t elicited a response yet, though they are supposed to be on vacation until the end of September, so that’s not a surprise.

I’ve started writing a novella [TBWAH], which is actually me rewriting a Dutch story I once wrote for a contest. The story was sorely lacking, but the premise is still good, so I’m retooling that one. Might write another short story after finishing this one, though that’s going to take a long time as I’ve been struggling to even get 250 words out on this project. But it’ll come to me. I hope.

I’m plotting some other novels/stories/novellas too, but plotting is hard and I’m struggling with over-plotting and under-plotting. But at least I’m actively working on them. So, yay for me, I guess?

And since NaNoWriMo is coming up – and it’s the first time for me – that’s going to be a hoot. Or it’ll utterly destroy me. One or the other really. But I’m looking forward to that. I’m probably going to use one of my other novels for NaNoWriMo instead of the novella, because my word goal for the novella is 20k, so way below the 50k mark. But that’s fine.


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