Review: The Last Guardian by David Gemmell


The Last Guardian by David Gemmell is the fourth and penultimate book in the Stones of Power or Sipstrassi tales series.


A gateway between past and future is opened through Atlantis and once again the worlds are in danger. It’s up to Jon Shannow to save his world from a danger that he doesn’t even know about, much less understands.


I liked this book very much, because once again we get a bit more insight into what truly happened to cause Atlantis to ‘sink’ and who was to blame for it all (*cough* Pendarric *cough*). And of course, because of the badass that is The Jerusalem Man. He never ceases to be awesome. He also never ceases to be tragic, but I did like that he got a little bit of closure this time. He actually got peace and quiet and a family with a woman he cares for.

I don’t know if he actually loved Beth McAdams, but he cares deeply for her and her children and she’s such a likeable and kick-ass character herself, that I think those two will do just fine. Well, until the last book, I presume.

Nu-Khasisastra was a great addition and I loved how he went back for his wife, even though he knew that he might still die from what Pendarric had unwittingly started. The reveal that he was – BEWARE OF SPOILERS – was the Biblical Noah was pretty amazing. When I read it everything just kind of fell in to place. He’s a ship builder, has three kids. A flood drowns everyone, a.k.a. Atlantis sinks. When you put two and two together, it’s not that hard to figure out really. And yet I was still surprised by it.

A great book and a great addition to the series. Can’t wait to start the next and last one!



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