Review: Bloodstone by David Gemmell


Bloodstone is the fifth and last book in the Stones of Power or Sipstrassi tales series by David Gemmell.


Jon Shannow has been living a peaceful life as a preacher for twenty years now, but when his church is attacked and burned to the ground, a head wound makes him forget those twenty years and turn back into The Jerusalem Man. And that’s a good thing, because things are about to get even uglier than imagined.


Holy cheerleader Batman! This is one novel you can’t ever put down in fear of confusion swamping you if you stop reading. There are a lot of ‘revelations’ in  there and so many mind-boggling explanations. Multiverse! Magic stones! Demons! Wolvers and Devours! A Deacon! A Preacher! Bandits! Brigands! The 20th century! Wait what?

Okay, let me explain….- no wait, I really can’t. Not in a way that didn’t give away too much. Basically, there are gateways between worlds. We learned that in the very first book. But there are also gateways between times. We learned this in the third. Now there’s an explanation that there are multiple time lines, multiple strands and multiple versions of all the people we have come to know and love – or hate. They can all be traversed by the powers of the stones. Get it?

Anyway, it’s a very good and very satisfying conclusion to the series. I like it when books make me think, force me to move those gears and come up with my own explanations. And then have those explanations either confirmed or completely shattered in the process.




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