Writing Update #2

I’m still submitting my second short story [The Laughing Coffin], it has been rejected 5 times now. I also got a rejection for my first short story [Hell in a Handcart] – which I sent to Tor’s short fiction program – but that was to be expected. I never thought it was good enough for It was my very first submission though.

I’ve sent out that first one to a magazine this time, after tidying it up a bit. They’re supposed to be fast (reaction time: 2 days), so you never know. My novella [TBWAH] is going…slow, but I’ve been very busy editing my novel [TEE] to start sending out to agents after I learn just how to write a query letter and a cover letter, and a synopsis. And I have started on a third short story, so I’ve got that going for me, I guess.

I’ve also finished plotting my NaNoWriMo novel [SG] and am ready to dive in come November. I might not have chosen the best year to start, as I have two papers due in December and I’m hoping to graduate this year, so there’s that pesky thesis that needs to be written as well, but I’ll see how far I get. As long as I’m writing, right?



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