Review: Orb Sceptre Throne by Ian C. Esslemont

Orb Sceptre Throne

Orb Sceptre Throne is the fourth venture into the Malazan world by author Ian C. Esslemont.


Things seem to have finally calmed down in Darujhistan and the citizens are looking forward to peace and quite, though still a bit distrustful of the Malazan contingent. But as always, things are not what they seem.


First of all let me just say two things: Moranth. Seguleh. That is all. That is all you need to know that as a Malazan lover, you will NEED to read this book. Sure, it was a bit disappointing the way the Seguleh were content just to follow – after seeing time and time again how bad-ass they are – but it all worked out in the end. I do want to know why the Moranth and the Seguleh are enemies and what happened all those years ago to make the people from Darujhistan and the Moranth enemies. Maybe we’ll get to that in another book?

Meanwhile, it was great to see some old faces again. Dassem, Caladan Brood, Torvald Nom, Rallick Nom, Kruppe, Councillor Col, Antsy, Blend, Raest, Envy, Duiker, Picker, Spindle, Topper, Tayschrenn, Thurule, Bauchelain, etc. There were some new additions of course, like Sall, Orchid, Malakai and Lo, and some old faces I wasn’t too happy about *cough* Kiska and Leoman *cough*. There were some nice cameos as well that made me snigger. Might be because most of the cast were actually characters I already knew and loved from Erikson’s books, but this novel very much felt like coming home. Sure some things were changed, but it’s still home.

And the places! Moon’s Spawn, Genabackis,¬†Darujhistan, Pale and the very shores of Creation itself. It was great going back to Moon’s Spawn, because we get a better look at the interior…well, what’s left of it anyway.

Also, we knew there were Gold Moranth. But did we know there were Silver ones as well? I don’t think I did. I really long for more information on the Moranth, there’s just so much we don’t know about them, even now.




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