Review: The Judge

After going back to his home town to attend his mother’s funeral, Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.), suave defence lawyer, knocks heads with his distant and headstrong father. As he gets ready to leave, his father is shaken up by the news that he’s a murder suspect. Hank stays to support his father and brothers during the trial. And learn more about his father, the judge.

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, except that it would feature a lot of drama. I got that from the trailer. But really, this movie is about family and the relationship between father and sons. We get most of our information about RDJ’s and Duvall’s characters, but the other two brothers also have a part to play.

It’s a great movie, which shows the good – which makes a smile appear here and there – and the bad – which is sometimes hard to watch because you can just feel the pain and frustration.

All actors had solid performances, especially Duvall (what else do you expect?) and RDJ, who shows his considerable range. The soundtrack was beautiful and touching, and the overall story was gripping, the lawsuit interesting and the family dynamic, well..dynamic.

It’s definitely not a popcorn movie, and it’ll probably elicit some discussion. Well done, Team Downey, well done.


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