Hell in a Handcart – Chapter five

Chapter five: A still tongue keeps a wise head

Soon they’d started a new project: making short videos about some of the institutions. The interns would go to a university, take pictures, shoot some film and interview some students, to get a quick look at the atmosphere.

This was something Mae had truly looked forward to. But even this didn’t go off without a hitch. The girls would be provided with cameras by the company, but Beastly suddenly decided otherwise. This meant that the interns had to ask their college for cameras; they had to borrow them at the last minute.

Their travel expenses also weren’t being covered completely, despite Beastly saying he would. It would take him a very long time to go through their receipts and even then, the numbers didn’t always match up. Mae was truly ready to explode, as was that burning pit in her stomach!

  “Can’t say I blame her,” Left-Angel murmured.


But her fellow interns advised her to keep calm and carry on. They would gain nothing by engaging him, because he simply wouldn’t listen. Their supervisors were up-to-date about the issues though. Often, Mae would email and text her supervisor about the day’s proceedings. Her supervisor too told her to stay calm and keep her head. He was working on it.


The end of the internship was gradually getting closer and that meant that the visits from the supervisors were also coming closer. Beastly knew that and the interns had told him that their evaluations had to be done that Friday, so everything would be properly managed and planned. So of course he didn’t show up that Friday.

  “How childish!” Left-Angel said.

  “He was scared he’d be found out,” Right-Devil suggested.


Then the day came when Mae’s supervisor visited. He had been brought up to speed and so knew to pretend. Beastly was awfully kind and sang Mae’s praises, much to her enjoyment. It was hilarious to see him suck up to her supervisor and attempting to make sure her supervisor didn’t really know what was going on.

But he knew. After the visit he asked Ivan Beastly if Mae could escort him to the station–to be able to talk to her about everything. Ivan didn’t really want to let her go, fearful of what she would say no doubt, but couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to.

Ivan Beastly questioned her afterwards, but she gave nothing. Even when he withheld their salaries once again.


  “What did you tell him?” the animal-like inquisitor asked as Mae’s wounds were coated in salt.

  “What did you tell the protector?” he asked again.

Mae would give him nothing. She stayed silent, her head held high.

  “I know what you are,” the inquisitor continued. “You are a scared little girl.”

Mae laughed manically even though it only made her wounds hurt more.

  “You know nothing,” she said.



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