Hell in a Handcart – Chapter six

Chapter six: Like a boss

In the end, Ivan Beastly was forced by their college to pay the interns what he owed them. He was also immediately put on the college’s internship black list.

     “Serves him right,” Left-Angel said as he twirled on her shoulder.

Mae had–on their very last day–accompanied her fellow interns to a cafe, where they sat and talked for a long time. Freedom had never tasted so good. She joked that one day she’d write about it. Sanne, Elyse, Monique went on to happier times, and though they stayed friends, the interns’ contact with each other eventually watered down.

And Mae? Well, she finally wrote that book.

     “Yes, you did, sweetheart,” Left-Angel said proudly.

     “Like a boss,” Right-Devil said. “A slightly disturbed boss. But that’s the way we like it.”




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