Review: The Mentalist

Well, the Mentalist just finished its seven-year run and the two-hour finale was great. It had everything: tension, drama, laughter and many touching moments.

I initially started watching the show because of Simon Baker: I was watching TV, zapping away, when his face showed up and I recognized him from the Australian teen series Heartbreak High, where he played a teacher for a few episodes.

I decided to keep watching and lucky for me, it was the first episode of the very first season, so I didn’t have to start right in the middle. I then became an avid watcher. The story of a man, Patrick Jane, who works with the police after losing his wife and daughter to a serial killer he belittled on TV – when he was still pretending to be a psychic – is an interesting one.

The hunt for Red John, the serial killer, was the overarching plot, with case-of-the-week episodes sprinkled in. It never became boring, and all the characters, like Lisbon, Cho, Van Pelt, Rigsby, Abbott, Hightower, Wylie and many more, kept on evolving.

It was great to see Patrick Jane rummage around in his bag of tricks to finally nab the bad guys. But it’s also good to see him grow and try to deal with what happened to his family, and his part in it.

The Mentalist is a crime show, but spices it up a bit with the overarching plot of Red John, and even shakes it up even more in the seventh and final season with a whole new ‘decor’.


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