Writing Update #4

It’s been a while since I’ve been writing steadily, and even though I am right now, it’s not on a story. I’m busy writing my Bachelor thesis; I can’t divulge my topic yet at this time. Let’s see if I get a high grade and I actually graduate this semester. I’ll dole out a little hint: it has to do with manga, anime and Fantasy.

I’ve completely (well, not completely….just mostly) neglected my writing when it comes to my WIPs though. I’ve not touched my novella [TBWAH] and short story #3 [As Quick As A Bird] at all. I’ve not been working on my NaNoWriMo novel [SG] other than editing it, and my other still-incomplete novel [BOR] has been catching the figurative dust in its folder on my laptop.

I have submitted my second short story [The Laughing Coffin] for a magazine again, but the waiting time is three months, so I don’t expect to hear from them soon. I did have some inspiration for some story ideas, which I’ve dutifully jotted down in my notebook and I have done some world building for a series I need to start plotting any day now, but other than typing away and doing research for my thesis, I’ve not written much at all.

It’s hard even to focus on writing blog posts and I know I should blog more frequently. But it’s all come to a grinding halt. I’ll be focusing on my thesis first, and then get back to everything else I was doing. I really want to graduate on time and start looking for editorial or copy writing jobs.


A penny for your thoughts

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