To pseudonym or to not pseudonym?

I’ve been thinking about pseudonyms lately, and whether or not I should consider using one if I ever get published. It has its pros and cons, I’m sure. But is it necessary for me, I wonder?

On the one hand I want to use my initials and my surname, because well…it’s my mom’s surname and she’s the one who carefully cultivated my love for books all these years. She’s the one who got me into reading, and so in a way, also got me into writing. So, I want to honour her by writing under my real name.

On the other hand, when using a pseudonym I think you separate your writing from your personal life. Or so I feel. It would be a kind of wall between me, my fans (wishful thinking) and my private life. And I could totally go for a kick ass name! Might even pay tribute to my favourite writers in a way. Though I think Steven Erikson would be flattered to have a fan of him turn author and write under the name M.D. Dragnipurake, I think I might have to deal with copyright right there, hahaha. Also, would I need to register the name so it’s legally mine?

Of course, there’s the middle ground. I could use my middle name as the first name of my half-pseudonym. So it could be something like: full middle name full surname.

Argh! So many choices! So many questions!


2 thoughts on “To pseudonym or to not pseudonym?

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