Review: Snowpiercer

I heard about Snowpiercer through Screenjunkies Movie Fights on YouTube and thought to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, especially when the premise looks so weak when you first read it. But this movie really delivers.

 After a climate-change experiment backfires and freezes the entire Earth, only those who happened to be on the Snowpiercer train survive. But a class system has emerged, and those who are downtrodden and relegated to the back of the train are not going to take it any more. The time has come for them to rebel. The movie is based on a French graphic novel.

Chris Evans shines as Curtis, the unofficial leader of the rebellion who doesn’t want to lead. After seeing him in Captain America and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was used to him playing the ‘stand up guy’ and was really looking forward to seeing him play someone else. He really nailed it. He’s supported by other great actors like John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton and Kang-ho Song.

As you get closer to the front of the train, and closer to the end of the movie, more and more details about life on the Snowpiercer are revealed. And it’s not a pretty picture. Not at all. When Curtis tells just what happened when those non-rich and famous people boarded the train and what they did and had to do….I was appalled. Which was probably exactly how I was supposed to feel of course, but knowing that this movie can make you suddenly feel very different about characters you thought you knew…well, it’s no mean feat.

I might even go look up that graphic novel, that’s how intrigued I am. And that should tell you enough about how much I appreciate this movie.


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