Editing Update #4

I’ve been working through adding my grammatical and spelling (basically language) edits to my second draft of my NaNoWriMo novel [SG]. It’s going steadily, though not as quickly as I’d hoped, because I have to devote much of my time to my thesis.

But working through the language edits – and adding the story and character edits as notes in Word, to be written/filled in later – has been cutting into my word count. I remember being so proud of finishing NaNoWriMo and actually having more words than the word count goal. Now I’m under 50,000 words. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually: I have many things to add.

I’m still waiting on feedback on my first manuscript, but that will probably be sent in this week or the next. I’ve also purchased two books about the book publishing market and how to get a literary agent (among other things), and I’m really looking forward to learning more about the process. Getting a literary agent is one step closer to my goal, and that’s what I’ll focus on for now. I’m worrying about queries and cover letters and all that, but I need to stay positive.

My short story [The Laughing Coffin] I’ve been submitting here and there is still awaiting a response from the last magazine I submitted it to. Hopefully I’ll get some happy news soon. Otherwise it’s back to submitting!


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