Review: Locke

It’s funny; I’d heard great things about Tom Hardy, but I didn’t think I had ever seen a movie with him it in. Turns out he was Eames in Inception, one of my favourite characters really. Funny how that works out, eh? Well, I was impressed with what little I’d seen of him, so I scoured IMDB for more movies of his to watch. And let me tell you: Locke impressed me a whole lot.

This movie really showcases Hardy’s acting skills. I’d already sampled some of it in Inception and he gave a strong performance in the movie Warrior, but Locke really blew me away. Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a family man and father of two boys, who gets a sudden phone call that changes his entire life.

I don’t want to spoil what happens after, because it was a shock to me when it was revealed just what was happening, but it’s good. And the most interesting part of it all was that Hardy never even leaves the car! We spend the entire movie with Ivan Locke in his car, knowing where he’s going and what he’s leaving behind. We see him trying to salvage as much as he can, both family-wise and business-wise, his only contact with others over the phone.

We see him try to do the right thing, trying to be the dedicated family man he has been for the past I-don’t-know-how-many years and we see him slowly unravel as things get more and more complicated. Hardy shines as Locke and this beautiful performance has me scrambling for more Tom Hardy movies to watch. He’s definitely on my actors-to-watch list.


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