Review: Hours

Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) usually got a lot of flack for his acting skills when he was still alive, but I never thought he was a bad actor. He wasn’t the best or the greatest, but he always kept my interest. I’ve seen quite a lot of his work and therefore know not to put the label ‘action star’ on him, because there’s more to him than that. And I think Hours was definitely the next step in his career: a step away from action roles.

Hours takes place in a hospital, during hurricane Katrina and Paul Walker plays a husband to a wife who died in childbirth and a father to a premature little girl. Once the power goes out and the hospital evacuates, he has to stay with his little girl who’s on a respirator and can’t be moved. But the machine that’s keeping her alive is failing, and the only way to charge the battery is by manually cranking a generator, which gives him three minutes every time.

Paul really impressed me in this movie: his emotions felt raw and real to me. I’ve only truly felt that way about his acting in Running Scared and it was both a pleasant and sad surprise. Knowing that he died before he could show the world he was more than just a competent actor, it’s hard to swallow.

In the end, this story is about coping with loss, and a new life, and surviving what life throws at you. No matter what. Even if you only have three minutes.


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